Penobscot REACT

Radio Emergency Associated Communication Teams

 In January of 2004, Penobscot REACT held its organizational meeting.  Since then we have carried out training and 
public service not only within the Team, but in conjunction with Penobscot County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and the 
Red Cross.  We regularly work the MS walk,Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veteran's Day parades, the National Simulated Emergency 
Test (SET) and other emergency preparedness exercises, do ICS training, supports NHEST-Maine Audubon nature programs for the blind, 
and more.  Most recently (December, 2006) we participated with
local hospitals and ARES in a simulated earthquake disaster.  For further information
 contact Jim Koritzky, president, at 42 Sunbury; Bangor, Maine 04401 or 207-942-8067.

In 2005, Secretary/Treasurer Don Tarbet was appointed editor of the REACTer.  Check recent 
issues of REACTer.
SET participants from ARES and <i>REACT</i> 
REACT and ARES members who participated in 2004 SET

L-R (Jim, REACT, Zeke (N1KVJ) ARES, Glenn (N1LX), ARES, Brandon (KB1DRU) REACT, Marilyn (KB1KBW) ARES, 
Dennis (WA1URS) ARES, Jess, REACT, John (KB1IHO) ARES EC, Pete (KB1KMX) ARES, Carol (KB1KDX) ARES, Gary (KB1GBD) ARES, 
Don (KD1XU) ARES & REACT, (inset) Jason (KB1LUL) REACT.

See newsletter Fall 2004 newsletter.

Penobscot REACT 2007 Officers

  • President: Jim Koritzky (207) 942-8067
  • Vice President: Jason Tarbet, KB1LUL (207) 433 - 7672
  • Secretary - Treasurer: Don Tarbet, KD1XU
    (207) 327-1453
  • 2007 Meetings

    • January 21
    • March 11
    • May 16
    • July 15
    • September 9
    • November 11
    All meetings Room 127 Peabody Hall (next to the Chapel), Husson College

    Activities and Plans for 2007 include:

    1. Support of nature walk for blind at Fields Pond Nature Center in Brewer, Maine (Maine Audubon, NHEST)
    2. Parade support, Bangor, Brewer, Maine
    3. NIMS/ICS training sessions
    4. Additional preparedness exercises in conjunction with ARES and regional emergency planning organizations
    5. Support of Bangor Humane Society