Random Notes on People and Politics

Maine, the nation, and the world

A character in a story by P.G. Wodehouse listens patiently while another character outlines a get-rich-quick scheme based upon picking winners in a series of horse races. He then asks, "Tell me, do you smoke it or inject it directly into the vein?"

These notes are dedicated to people who bet on horseraces or play the lottery.  It is
for those who believe the self-evaluations of
dictators, religious fanatics, insulated bureaucrats, judges, astrologers, customs officials, 
prophets, building inspectors, flying saucer cultists, the very rich, 
and people who see Elvis.  To those who believe in the trickle-down economics, increased security
through government invasion of personal privacy, the moral virtue
and public benefits of corporate greed, and the humanitarian impulses of big government I offer these
comments.  Oh, and I have some ocean front property in Wyoming I'd like you to take a look at.  I
can cut you a real deal....


Don Tarbet, Maine, 4/2003