Bangor Daily News of 2/25/03 quotes Rep. Jim Campbell of Newfield as explaining his opposition to 
the proposed hunting ranch ban by saying that the bill is "anti-business" and that "It seems to me 
that anytime we get some business going in the state of Maine, some special interest 
group wants to come along and try to kill it."

Well, bully for Representative Campbell.  It's about time someone figured out what's 
wrong with the state's economy.  I have long been interested in establishing a chain of 
drive-through cocaine dealerships in Maine, but have feared that namby-pamby special 
interest groups whining about common decency and human dignity would put the kibosh 
on my plan.  But now that we have people like Jim Campbell in Augusta who 
understand that the profit motive justifies all and that the bottom line is the bottom line, 
maybe I should start talking to my banker.  

I probably wouldn't vote for the ban myself, despite the contempt I feel for that sort of 
operation.  We already have more laws than we can or should enforce.  No, I probably 
wouldn't support the ban myself, but neither would I fob off the legitimate concerns of 
decent people with fatuous statements implying that the dollar bill is the highest form of 
life in the universe.